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10 April 2019

Assessing the viability of the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro

Permanent Rail Engineering director Gareth Dennis talks about the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro, and why he doesn’t think it is the right answer for the region’s transport challenges.

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12 August 2018

Pre-launch tease of the #Network2050 project

Permanent Rail Engineering have released a teaser of some of the work that is being done as part of our #Network2050 campaign.

With the first report due out in September, find out a little of what to expect.

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20 July 2018

Looking at transport capacity with the #TransitCapacityComparison series

Ever wondered how your local bus service compares to the shiniest metro rail service? Wondered about how Hyperloop holds up against high speed rail?

The #TransitCapacityComparison series is the one for you...

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13 April 2018

Read our response to the Edinburgh Trams extension proposals

The extension of the Edinburgh Tram system to Newhaven via Leith is a major step forwards for sustainable transport provision in the Scottish capital.

However, there is room for improvement within the current plans.

Read our detailed response to the April 2018 public consultation.