Network 2050:
A taste of what's to come

12 August 2018

Britain’s railways need a plan that everyone can help shape.

There remains no widely understood long-term vision for how the railway network should look in the future, and this limits the efficiency of delivering vital upgrades.

Despite regulated five year funding periods, the supply chain rarely has more than a six month view of upcoming work meaning it cannot effectively grow in size and skill.

The stop-start nature of investment impacts on workforce stability, cost effectiveness and, ultimately, the safety of construction staff.

If current spending levels are sustained, there is the potential for nearly half a trillion pounds of railway investment between now and 2050.

In September, we will be publishing the first of a series of reports looking at what the British railway network might look like by 2050, looking at the following topics:

High speed segregation

Enabling freight

Urban connectivity

Upgrades and additions


To keep up to date with further announcements, keep an eye on the #Network2050 hashtag on Twitter.
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